My Eyelash Extentions Experience

In recent months quite a lot of my friends had got eyelash extensions and I was still a eyelash extensions virgin. My birthday was coming up so I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to get my lashes done.

There was quite a lot of options as to what I could get done. From a basic lash lift to a Russian eyelash extension. It was my first time and I wanted to get something quite glamorous but still not over the top and so opted to get the Hybrid Lash Extension which was £45. A Hybrid Lash Extension is somewhere between a classic set and Russian Volume set.

Now the woman I was originally going to get my lashes from ended up going on holiday so I had to book someone else and i stupidly didn’t check her work and assumed a hybrid eyelash extention would be the same from all eyelash extention. I was so wrong! (I’ll get in to that later).

Before booking the eyelash technician I did some research and some of my friends got their eyelash extensions done from her and were happy so I was satisfied and gave my deposit to secure my appointment.

The day of my appointment I was so nervous and excited. I could finally stop wearing mascara which in my opinion was such an effort to put on and then take off and I felt like strip lashes were just too time consuming.

The whole process took an hour and 30 minutes and the eyelash technician was so lovely the time actually flew. However, I was told it’d take an hour and the timing was just to long.

As soon as she was done she recommended I stay lying down with my eyes shut for 5 minutes. This was so the glue could dry up. After 5 minutes I had a look in the mirror and I was soooo disappointed in my lashes. I hated them. They didn’t look like the Hybrid lashes I wanted. I went home and had a little sulk and then the next day I had to drop my son off to School so got ready and I do love a full face of make up. Once I did all my make up I looked like a completely different person! Completely transformed! I felt like Cinderella when she transformed in to a princess. I was so happy. And it saved me 5 whole minutes while getting ready!!

I do overall love my eyelash extention however I did have a few bad points to it which I’d like to add.

⁃ If you wear contact lenses it is quite hard to get the hang of putting your contact lenses in

⁃ If you wear a full face like myself applying make up is a bit hard but I worked around my eyelashes so didn’t find it much of a problem

⁃ Removing the make up was very hard for me. I decided to use a cotton wool buds and applying some micellar cleansing water on it and removing my eyeliner and inner corner highlighter with that. And it works a treat.

⁃ Finally my eyelash technician failed to advise me on how to wash my eyelashes. Was I meant to not wash my eyes for a month or however long my lashes lasted or could I wash them without ruining them. So I did my own research and realised I could wash them and probably should wash them!

⁃ If your a person who is too busy to sit for an hour and half I don’t recommend it. At the end I just wanted to run off because I was missing my son so much!

⁃ Finally I have sensitive skin and with the lashes being quite long they brush across the side of my nose and my eyes and it irritates my skin. Some nights I get so frustrated I feel like ripping them out!

I would rate my lashes a 7/10! They gave me a lot of confidence I didn’t think I had. And gave my eyes a much needed lift. However, if you have sensitive eyes and/or skin you might want to do some research and make sure this is something you want.

The Hybrid eyelash extensions cost me £45 and took an hour and 30 minutes to complete. They last up to 2 – 3 weeks and require an eyelash infill after this period. I am currently on week 3 and my eyelashes still look pretty good and I can probably last another week without getting an infill. I am currently debating weather I should get infills or let the lash extensions grow out and then get a LVL lash lift.

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