5 Free Daily Habits Which Will Give You Better Skin

I’m always looking for ways to improve my skin. A good skincare routine is crucial but there are other factors which are just as important. Thankfully I found 5 habits which will give you better skin which will cost you absolutely nothing!

1. Start your day with a detox drink!


A cup of warm water and a detoxifying ingredient like lemon will cleanse your livers of toxins. It’ll also keep you hydrated and nourish your body. Using warm water will also help boost your digestive system and help you debloat. An added benefit is it has helped me lose weight (I’ve been doing this for a few months). I personally love lemon, cucumber and water on warm days and on colder says I make a green tea and add ginger and honey.

2. Give yourself a facial massage


It takes a few minutes to complete and will improve your natural glow. It can help remove toxins and boost circulation. It can also de-puff your face and lift the contours of your cheekbones. I personally do this every morning so it combats any morning puffiness.

3. Exercise daily


By exercising regularly you’ll look and feel healthier and your skin will benefit too! Exercise boosts blood flow, which increases skin cell renewal and can speed up your body’s process of removing any skin-aggravating toxins. It’s also a natural mood enhancer and reduces stress as it releases endorphins (happy hormones) in the brain. Even if it’s just a stroll through the park or exercising for 20 minutes a day it will make a real difference to your mind, body, and your skin.

4. Meditation


By meditating for just five minutes a day, you’ll calm yourself mentally, while delivering oxygen to the skin, which is fundamental in promoting cellular health. Higher levels of oxygen will rejuvenate your skin, help balance your body, and boost cell and tissue repair.

5. Sleep


While you’re sleeping, your skin’s metabolism is working overtime, reproducing skin cells so it can repair and replenish more efficiently. So, if you’re not getting enough sleep, your skin is not getting this crucial time to replenish and restore . Ideally, you should be clocking in eight hours a night to wake up feeling well-rested. Theres a reason they call it beauty sleep!

I have tried all these methods for a period of over 3 months and they have worked perfectly for me. I have noticed an improvement in my own skin and health.

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