5 Ways Companies Fool You Into Buying Products

1. Instant results


Your skin problem didn’t occur instantly and it won’t be solved instantly either. Your skin takes time to heal and repair. So all the products that promise instant results are a lie. Don’t fall for their lies.

2. You need loads of different products for your skins


Using all these different products will leave you out of pocket and more importantly cause your skin to irritate. Keep your skincare routine minimal and effective. Don’t slather too many products on.

3. Natural and chemical free products


How can a product be chemical free when water (H20) is a chemical and the foods we eat are chemicals (Vitamin C). A lot of products claim to be natural and/or chemical free but are far from true. It’s important to always check the ingredients before using a product.

4. A face wash will cure all skin problems


A face wash stays on our face for less than a minute so how can it diminish fine lines, wrinkles, prevent ageing, cure hyperpigmentation and fade acne scars. Don’t fall for these lies. Buy a face wash for your skin type that won’t overly dry your skin.

5. All in one product


Don’t fall for a miraculous face cream which will solve all your skin problems. It can do more damage than good. Always treat one skin problem at a time.

I’ve been there, done that and messed my skin up. Don’t fall for the same lies I did. Always research the product, read the labels and don’t be naive.

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