Huda Beauty Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review

I’ve had the Huda beauty palette for quite some time now but as I’ve recently started a blog I thought why not review something I’ve already got and finally get to use it. Yes! I have just used it. It was too pretty to use!

A lot of you may not be aware but I am a huggeeeee Huda beauty fan. I have tried all her previous palettes including the Original Rose Gold palette and the Desert Dusk palette which, might I ass I use on a daily basis.

The original rose gold palette did receive a lot of criticism regarding the formula and I agree with that. Huda Kattan did release another rose gold palette with a new and improved formula which I did not purchase as I had the original. I was impressed with the quality of the actual eyeshadows (apart from the fallout). And then went on the try the Desert Dusk palette which again received some criticism for the formula.

Now back to the Huda beauty nude palette.

Palette overview:

Contrary to the palette name the Huda Beauty Nude Eyeshadow Palette only has 6 out of 18 nude eyeshadow shades.

The palette contains a mixture of cool and warm toned colours which includes 10 mattes, 4 reflective duo-chromes, 2 pressed glitters, 1 pressed pearl and an eye concealer/ primer.

Packaging and design:

The nude palette is definitely the most prettiest nude palette you’ll ever see! The palette has the brand founder Huda Kattan face on the front of the palette. They stuck to the theme of the palette by doing the exterior a nude pink.

The packaging is made of a laminated cardboard as it did with the previous palettes. However, this is in a nude pink and has a magnetic closure. It also has a mirror in it which I personally love in a palette.

Overall I love the design of the palette, the picture of Huda Kattan on the front and the nude colour theme throughout the palette.


I purchased the Huda Beauty palette from Cultbeauty for £56 similar to the previous Huda Beauty 18 pan palettes. It is a small fortune for an eyeshadow palette but in my opinion it’s worth it if you wear make up on a day to day basis like myself.


The nude palette has a lot of nudes as you may have guessed but also has a few pinks and purples which I’m personally quite glad about as I love nudes, pinks and purples.

The colours are very wearable and can be worn on a daily basis such as work and can be worn to a glamorous event.

The reflective duo-chrome in particular can add an intense amount of sparkle and shine and the glitter take it to a whole new level.

The pressed glitter shade has a really nice formula with a metallic sheen.

The concealer is a very clever idea making cut creases a lot more easier. And honestly I love it.

Overall I was pleased with the selection of colours and tones in the palette.

Quality and performance:

I’m definitely not disappointed with the quality of the palette. The looks I’ve done have been beautiful and have stayed vibrancy without creasing on my eye.

The mattes have a very soft formula and therefore a little bit goes a long way. I didn’t notice a lot of fallout so it wasn’t much of an issue. The reflectives were very difficult for me to work with. There was a lot of glitter fallout. I realised the best method to applying glitters is using glitter glue and pressing the shadow with my finger.

Final thoughts:

The nude palette has a few flaws as has every palette but I have zero buyers remorse. I haven’t used the palette for a while because it was too pretty to touch but for the sake of this blog I decided to use it and I love it!

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