Why I Am A Faceless Blogger

Hi girls, you might have noticed that my blog has no name or face.

Well I decided to hide my identity and become a faceless blogger. There are a lot of reasons why I decided to do this! Which I will get in to.

I started blogging (properly) about 3 weeks ago. I wanted to start blogging for a looong time but the main thing that was stopping me, was the fact I didn’t want to show my face (or identity come to think of it).

There are a lot of reasons why I decided to become a faceless blogger. The main reason is because once my pictures are out there, they’re there forever! I can’t take them back and anyone could have access to them. That’s definitely not something I’m comfortable with!

Another reason is because no one knows I’m blogging. So that means I won’t be worried about the content I’m letting out.

The final reason is because I kind of like the anonymity, there’s no pressure to keep up appearances and I can be the real me! No filters and no edited version.

The fact that I’m a faceless blogger doesn’t really make a difference. I’m still sharing my honest opinion and reviews on products and the fact I’m getting followers and likes goes to prove that you still like my content.

I’d also like to thank you all for just taking the time out to read my blog. It means a lot to me!

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