8 Beauty Tricks That Actually Work

Everyone wants to look their best. Glowing and flawless skin. And as vain as it sounds, I’m the exact same. I looked up some beauty tricks that people swear by and tried them. But I’m a mum and that means I’m always busy. Doing the school runs, cooking, taking the kids to their after school activities and them never ending bedtime stories. I wanted something that was quick, simple and not too time consuming.

1. Rose Water

Applying rose water right after cleansing your face keeps your skin hydrated and tightened. Rose water refreshes your face. If you have dry and hydrated skin this will work wonders. I bought some rose water from the local Tesco store and I poured it in to an old setting spray bottle and I spray it on my face in the morning, after I take my make up off and in the night.

2. Olive Oil And Castor Oil

My hair had been falling, thinning and dull after I had my son. I did some research and found olive oil and castor oil are good for my hair. I decided to mix them together and use them both at once. I used a good amount of oil and massaged my scalp, the roots and covered my hair in oil. I applied it in the morning when I knew I wasn’t going out and tied my hair up and left it on during the day. I had a shower in the evening and washed the oil out. I’ve been doing this once a week for a month and I’ve already started seeing a difference.

3. Cold Water

I know a lot of people use the ice cold water method but I find it’s too dangerous to use ice cold water. I switched the ice cold water with cold water and is just as effective. I dip my face in to a bucket of cold water for 10 seconds most mornings. This helps tighten the pores and brightens the skin.

4. Water

You’ve probably heard this one a lot of time but water heals from within. It gives you a natural glow, helps prevent acne and dry skin. Just to name a few. Drinking 8-10 glass of water will give you hydration as well as beautiful skin. I didn’t used to drink water at all so if you just start drinking water, even a small amount will make a difference.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. Turmeric helps your skin to generate healthy cells which results in glowing skin. You can mix it with yoghurt or honest and lather it on your skin for a few minutes. You can see the results almost instantly.

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is very versatile. It can be used to remove makeup, apply to hair, added to food and applied to lashes to help them grow. I apply coconut oil on my hair every other week. I also use it to remove my makeup when I feel my skin is feeling a bit dry. And then before bed I apply a generous amount to my eyelashes to help them grow.

7. Honey

Raw honey works as a restorative cleanser. It is suitable for almost all skin types. I apply it to my skin when it looks a bit dull or dry. It automatically brightens up my face. Honey has an abundance of antioxidants that are really beneficial for the skin. Honey can be mixed with other products and made in to a face mask.

Like coconut oil honey can also be consumed. Most mornings I add honey into my green tea and drink it. It helps clear out toxics from your stomach.

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. So it’s good to apply to breakouts, acne, burns and dry skin. Aloe Vera can be applied to the skin and hair. It can be used to help lighten blemishes, acne scars and dark skin.

Hope you find these tricks just as useful as I found them. Results can take time so it’s important to stay consistent and patient.

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