Huda Beauty Resting Boss Setting Spray

The Huda beauty resting boss setting spray was probably the product I was the most excited about. I’ve used a LOT of setting sprays and they’ve never worked for me at all! I thought the Huda beauty one must do the job like it has with its previous products. I was slightly disappointed in the product which I will get to in a minute.


I got the Huda beauty boss setting spray from cult beauty for £27 and it has 100ml. I feel like it is expensive for a setting spray that works like a normal setting spray considering it has a few negotiates to it.

Quality and performance:

The Huda beauty boss setting spray works like a normal setting spray. It does the job, nothing extraordinary. However, it has a REALLY strong smell (like hairspray) which is too hard to ignore. If it gets in to my eyes it will sting. If it gets in my nose it will irritate my nose and if I inhale it I can’t stop coughing!! I have noticed if you spray it on a beauty blender and then tap it in your face it can work.

Final thoughts:

I absolutely adore Huda Kattan and love all her products but I was very shocked at how bad this product was! Personally, don’t think it was worth the money at all. I still use it to get my money’s worth but I definitely won’t be buying this again! There are a lot of cheaper setting sprays that do a better job!

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