Lightopia Festival

What is Lightopia Festival? It is a visually-dramatic lantern and light festival. It’s absolutely beautiful and some of the instalments will take your breath away.

I came across the Lightopia Festival on a friends snapchat. I couldn’t help myself and went on the website and booked the tickets straight away.

Big mistake!!! I ended up paying £52 for myself, my four year old, my husband and my two year old went for free. If I went through Groupon It would have cost me £30 for all three of us! If anyone is planning on going I suggest you go through Groupon and save yourself some money.

Lightopia Festival is a truly magical experience. I’ve personally never experienced anything like this my whole life and the bonus was my sons absolutely loved it.

The Lightopia Festival is situated in Heaton Park in Manchester. It starts at 5pm. Once we got in we walked down a long path with light up numbers. It was probably a 2 minute walk. After the walk there were some rides. We didn’t go on the rides as it was too cold. There were some food stalls as well. We had already ate at a restaurant so we didn’t get anything to eat.

There were some extremely magical instalments. My favourite being the Peacock. My sons loved Tinker-bell and the lions.

If you do end up finding yourselves going remember to take some wellies and an umbrella with you. I wish someone told us when we went!!! Oh, and wrap up warm. It was extremely cold. If you don’t like walking a lot, then maybe give it a miss as there is a LOT of walking.

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