Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

I’ve had the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser for almost a year now. I love the Kiehls skincare brand and have been using some of the products for years. I wanted to review this particular cleanser because it’s one of the products I absolutely love and have been using almost everyday since I’ve got it. A small amount really does go a long way and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Now back to the cleanser.

Cleanser overview:

The Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser is enriched with apricot kernel oil, avocado oil and squalane. It has a gel like consistency which this cleanses the skin gently. Like it says on the bottle it does not strip the skin of its natural oils. It is also pH-balanced to help the skin maintain its natural balance.

Packaging and design:

It comes in a white tube and has the Kiehls logo on the top and the ingredients and a little bit about the cleanser on it. It also has the instructions on how to use it on the bottle in the same classic font.

Overall, I love the design of the bottle it’s very classic and elegant.


I purchased the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser from Debenhams for £16.50 about a year ago. It is fairly cheap for 150ml and it’s lasted me 10 months and I could probably get another 5 months of use out of it.

Quality and performance:

I’m definitely not disappointed with the quality and performance of the cleanser.

I use a tiny amount on my damp skin and then wash it off and it leaves my skin soft and smooth. It doesn’t have much of a smell and doesn’t dry my skin which for a cleanser, is pretty impressive! I feel like I must say I have dry/combination skin so the fact it doesn’t dry my skin is a bonus for me.

Final thoughts:

In the long run this cleanser has helped me achieve a lot less rough/bumpy textured skin. And I tried a lot of different products to try and get rid of that and nothing has worked as well as this product. I definitely will be buying this product again. It was completely worth the money as it will last me well over a year!

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